Your success depends on the perfect sealing solution

We at WESTRING are your guarantee for suitable, functional and high-quality sealing technology. With more than 40 years of experience and product know-how, we offer expertise from the crown seal of a wristwatch to the agitator seal of the chemical industry. Comprehensive advice, fast delivery and international service are a matter of course for us. Our thorough after-sales service enables you to maintain the value of your existing plants and production lines.

Are you looking for prototype production, small series production or intensive support in the implementation of large-scale projects? As a holistic solution provider, we involve you in product planning right from the start and work out the optimum technical and economic conditions together with you. Our engineers and technicians accompany you from the creation of the drawing to the installation of the seal on your premises.

With our product range, we offer you high-quality O-rings, rod seals, piston seals, rotor seals, guide elements, back-up rings, V-rings, shaft seals and flat seals in various sizes. With our passion for these small but important products, we have been a professional partner to various industries worldwide for more than 4 decades.


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"A seal must deliver what it promises!"

Nowadays, you can also get a standardised seal in online bookshops. But does it actually do justice to its task?
In application, seals guarantee the functionality of pneumatic and hydraulic systems and thus make an important contribution to comprehensive and complex process sequences, such as production lines, lifting, hoisting and mixing plants, various motors, and much more.
Sealing solutions from Westring Dichtungstechnik meet the requirements 100 percent.

In order for us to supply you with the optimum seal, we need to understand the parameters of your specific requirement. So we are happy to ask twice. Our motivation lies in your process capability and process stability and your associated success. Our business as a distributor and producer of high quality seals serves your effectiveness. We are highly motivated to deliver the right solution and the perfectly fitting product to all our customers. Our efforts in cooperation are elementary, because the effect is easily measurable: tight is tight.

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