Expensive failures

A product-contacting piston for filling gourmet sauces has a short service life and has to be changed very often. This leads to plant stops and downtimes. In addition, long delivery times complicate the situation.


Solution approach
We are getting in touch with the user to discuss the development of a new compete piston concept using valid guidelines for the food processing industry with the help of CIP/SIP-resistant materials and hygenic seal design. By defining the components functions and their tasks in the in the overall filling process, we designed a reusable seal retainer and a self-adjusting sealing element which is also capable of guiding the piston properly. We decide on a polyester-filled, wear-resistant and inert material. We define the seal contour according to the above mentioned requirements. In the final stages the entire system is tested and approved by the utilization of FEM (Finite Element Method).

Result and conclusion
With the development described, we achieve a longer service life and cost reduction. The constant sealing behaviour enables process monitoring by controlling the parameters in the drive train. By selecting the appropriate material, the solution can be used throughout the entire company, regardless of the medium to be filled. Thus, a solution available at short notice was possible through in-house complete production with corresponding material stocking.