Design information

For new designs, we recommend compliance with existing international guidelines according to DIN and ISO. For special seals that require special installation spaces, such as non-standard seals valve seals, rotor seals, and many more, the installation spaces are listed in our data sheets for the respective profile type. Specified surface finishes and lead-in chamfers have been tried and tested to the greatest possible extent and can usually be found in the standards. Specified dimensions, tolerances and surface accuracies must be strictly adhered to. Only by this the application values stated in the catalogues and easy assembly can be fulfilled and consequently, damage during assembly and consequential damage be avoided. The suggestions we make are based on years of experience and serve as a guide. Due to interacting factors, these suggestions may only have limited validity in individual cases.

For a first orientation of the material properties of different gaskets, we use different colours in the illustration. On the basis of the following agenda you can determine the different material qualities. Please note that we have not assigned exactly one colour to each material, but based on similar properties of the materials.

 Polyurethane    PTFE / Plastics - soft    Plastics - hard   Metal      Rubber

In the following PDF "Design information" you will find all important information on:

  • One-piece/multi-part pistons
  • Surfaces
  • Radii
  • Lead-in chamfers
  • Permissible gap dimension
  • Explanation of the use of the nomogram
  • Permissible gap dimensions for PUR and hard fabric gaskets
  • Permissible gap dimensions for elastomer seals in the hardness range 70 - 85 Shore A

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Complex designs require intensive examination. We also would appreciate to help you to find a solution for your application. Since we would like to take our time to provide you with the best possible advice regarding your application, please use our callback form. By this we are able to coordinate all resources together. 

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